The Perth Circumcision Clinic provides a professional, quality medical service to families who wish their sons to be circumcised.

Our Difference

The Perth Circumcision Clinic was set up by Dr Leon Levitt, an experienced Western Australian General Practitioner Obstetrician with over 30 years experience in circumcisions in neonates (boys under the age of 12 weeks.)He has performed over 14000 circumcisions in the clinic setting.  The Clinic has been operating within Dr Levitt’s medical practice throughout this time, and in 2011 began operations as a separate entity.





Dr Levitt has over twenty five years of experience in performing circumcisions, he has performed over 14,000 circumcisions.

Dr Levitt has a national reputation for circumcisions, having been flown to Sydney, Melbourne and overseas to perform neonatal circumcisions. He has more experience in this procedure than almost any other doctor in Australia.


Parents have the choice to be present at the procedure, or stay in another comfortable room and wait for their child to be brought back to them.

Parents have the choice when to have the procedure, and of their doctor. 

Trust & Safety

Our Doctors and Nurses care for your child at the Perth Circumcision Clinic with great experience and professional excellence, allowing parents to have confidence that their child is in the safest of hands. There are several minor variations in technique already in use in Perth and all are valid. The truly important factor is the experience of the practitioner not the technique. Trust for parents comes from experience and expertise.

Technical Excellence

Our doctors have great experience and technical excellence in dealing with the many different appearances of the foreskin and penis. Each of our doctors specialise in medical attention to neonates and infants. 

Pain Free

Parents have the choice of multiple approaches to reducing pain for the child. No doctor or technique can truly claim to be completely pain free, but at Perth Circumcision Clinic we can deliver the closest to a pain free procedure for your child, just as you wish.