There is conflicting information about circumcisions and from different sources. Where should a parent go to have their son circumcised? How is a parent to know who to trust?

The following is a simple guide to parents .

The Perth Circumcision Clinic has a longstanding reputation for excellence and service to the WA community, providing a professional caring service to those parents that request a circumcision for their baby sons. Yet there are TWO doctors advertising using the term “Perth Circumcision Clinic.

How is a parent to know who to trust? Who is the real Perth Circumcision Clinic? The real Perth Circumcision Clinic with 30 years of experience behind them, is that clinic in Wembley run by Dr Leon Levitt. The other uses the words Perth Circumcision Clinic to attract parents to another clinic that only began operations in August 2017.

Training is a difficult question, as there are no training schools for neonatal circumcisions. The early stages must be trial and error for new practitioners. Dr Leon Levitt was trained by an experienced general surgeon and supervised through the first several hundred circumcisions. He has subsequently trained a neonatal paediatrician, Dr Steven Resnick, now head of KEMH Department of Neonatology. After many months of observation, and supervision, he continues to perform the procedures with Dr Levitt’s experience at his call in a nearby room, and they continue to cover each other and assist each other when a difficult case arises. Using new practitioners starting up without this level of supervision is not advised. Be cautious of Doctors trained overseas in a short course training. This simply does not provide sufficient range of experiences and supervision.

Experience is the key. There are numerous subtle variances in a boys penis anatomy that impact on technique and if not understood result in unsatisfactory results for parents and child. Therefore, experience is vital.  Ask your doctor how many procedures they have performed? and where these took place?

The Perth Circumcision Clinic doctors have done over 10,000 neonatal circumcisions over 30 years of service to Western Australians. Dr Levitt has been flown to Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore to perform neonatal circumcisions. There is no other practitioner with greater experience in Australia in this field.

Ask a friend or family member who has had their son circumcised where they had it done and what their experience was like. Ask your GP for advice regarding their knowledge of an experienced doctor. Follow this guide to make your choice.

Any claim made should be backed by science, good practice, and years of experience. Be wary of claims that there are no complications and that there is no pain to your child. This is a surgical procedure with some pain and. Complications, but good practice can reduce this considerably.   

Head over to and do search on your practitioner, make sure you’re dealing with a professional

For a good circumcision result, technically, all that is required is :

  • a clear separation of the foreskin from the glans,
  • cutting of the foreskin with haemostasis and
  • positioning of the skin for a good final result.

Several instruments to facilitate this are available including clamps, crushing forceps, laser, bands and shields. They are all quite satisfactory and none really better than the other. The key is experience with the method, not the method itself. Practitioners may claim the benefits or advantages of new technology or “advanced” procedures. Be wary of such claims as there are no significant differences between all instruments and methods.

Use a practitioner you trust and that understands your needs and the needs of your child. Use a Doctor that you feel will look after the needs of your family.