There are a number of different valid techniques used in performing circumcisions. These include the Plasti-Bell procedure, and the use of various clamps and shields to crush and cut the residual foreskin and protect the head of the penis at the same time. All are reasonable techniques in the hands of qualified medical practitioners experienced in that technique.

At the Perth Circumcision Clinic, the foreskin is separated from the head of the penis with the use of artery forceps and retracted to expose the entire head. Then the foreskin is folded back across the head, stretched and crushed with special forceps that reduce bleeding and protect the head of the penis. The excess skin is excised and the residual skin returned to position beneath the head of the penis. This technique is preferred because of the clean cut edge achieved, the good control of bleeding, the low rate of infection, and the short time it takes to perform.

The procedure takes less than 60 seconds, and then the dressings are applied and the child returned to the parents for feeding and settling. For discussion of anaesthetic choices see below.