Dr Leon Levitt - MBBS (UWA) MRACOG (Dip)

Dr Leon

Dr Leon Levitt is a caring, experienced Family Doctor and Obstetrician who has, over many years, contributed to the community through leadership of parent mental health, refugee, social change, educational and sporting charities.

Dr Levitt is a graduate of the University of Western Australia’s School of Medicine and he has a further training in Obstetrics. He has consulted in family medicine in Wembley for 30 years and over this time has delivered babies for thousands of mothers and cared for them through early childhood. He is passionate about supporting parents and healthy babies.

He founded Baby Steps Health Centre to enhance the delivery of health services to the young mothers of Western Australia and help them make the best start that they can to parenting.

Dr Levitt was trained by an experienced general surgeon and supervised through the first several hundred circumcisions. He has subsequently trained a neonatal paediatrician, Dr Steven Resnick, now head of KEMH Department of Neonatology. After many months of observation, and supervision, he continues to perform the procedures with Dr Levitt’s experience at his call in a nearby room, and they continue to cover each other and assist each other when a difficult case arises.

Using new practitioners starting up without this level of supervision is not advised. Be cautious of Doctors trained overseas in a short course training. This simply does not provide sufficient range of experiences and supervision.

Dr Leon Levitt and the Perth Circumcision Clinic have performed and supervised over 14,000 neonatal circumcisions over 30 years of service to Western Australians. Dr Levitt has been flown to Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Singapore to perform neonatal circumcisions. There is no other practitioner with greater experience in Australia in this field.


What is important to me?

I have been in a privileged position to help people and guide them to change and find better ways for themselves, as parents, as partners, as individuals, as members of our society. My aim has always been to use this privileged position to make a positive difference and to do so with love and enthusiasm.

I believe in volunteerism, in leading by example, in fairness, freedom, respect, and acceptance for all. The freedom to be different, yet respectful of the others rights to be different too, within a society where we have common binding values to allow us to live together and yet allow that individual or tribe to celebrate their difference.

Above all, I love to watch my children and their children grow and thrive and struggle, and I am very grateful for the moments they give me to feel relevant in their busy lives. I am sure that I have often embarrassed them, but I wish for no more recognition than that they might at times want to have a chat.

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